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Since 1986 The Back Clinic has provided
full chiropractic services for our patients
from our two Utah locations…
Salt Lake City and Wendover.

Be sure and take a look at our Laser Therapy options.

faster recovery through better professionalism

The Back Clinic's goal has always been FASTER RECOVERY through higher quality care, extremely accurate diagnoses, and superior treatment protocol. All result in significantly LESS COST to the patient. Less cost in treatments, less travel cost, less time wasted, and maximum benefit in the shortest time possible.

People who undergo dozens and dozens of cheap rate and inappropriate treatments over many months duration are gaining nothing. They are losing money, time, and a valuable opportunity to fix their problem, if not discarding it entirely.

Our FASTER RECOVERY goal has always been what people want, what is professional, and by far the LESS COST route to excellent chiropractic health.

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